5 Ways To Make It Easier To Let Things Go And Declutter



Letting go of things is hard. It doesn’t matter if it is people, places, or even just things. Many things tend to have some sort of sentimental value and that is really hard to let go of.

When I began my journey of decluttering these five things helped me to finally let go of things I have been holding onto for years and make room for less clutter and more joy of creating a clean space that I love.


Look From An Outsider’s Perspective

As owners, we get attached to our things. Whether it is the decor, clothing, tools or anything

Decide Whether It Really Has Any Use

Declutter At Least Two Times

I know, it doesn’t sound appealing to declutter one place more than once. It would be nice to just declutter and be done with, but when we have a hard time letting things go, it is necessary.

I find that when I go through something and declutter a few things, wait a little, then go through it again, I get rid of even more things that for some reason I didn’t get rid of the first time.

Be Ruthless


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